A To Z Of Mathematicians

Thumbnail A to Z of Mathematicians
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It is difficult to evaluate contemporary mathematicians without the benefit of a retrospective viewpoint, separated by several decades. This comprehensive single-volume A-to-Z reference covers both the...

Peptide Nucleic Acids Methods And Protocols

Thumbnail Peptide Nucleic Acids Methods And Protocols
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Exemplifying and illustrating recent exciting advances in PNA chemistry, the second edition of Peptide Nucleic Acids: Methods and Protocols serves as a vital complement to the...

Getting Started With Gis

Thumbnail Getting Started with GIS
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This title is one of the Essentials IT Books published by TechNet Publications Limited. This Book is a very helpful practical guide for beginners in the...

Design Anthropology: Theory And Practice

Thumbnail Design Anthropology: Theory and Practice
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Design is a key site of cultural production and change in contemporary society. Anthropologists have been involved in design projects for several decades but only recently...

A Laboratory Course In Biomaterials

Thumbnail A Laboratory Course in Biomaterials
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The field of biomedical engineering has vastly expanded in the past two decades, as reflected in the increased number of bioengineering and biomaterials programs at universities....

X-radiography Of Textiles, Dress And Related Objects

Thumbnail X-Radiography of Textiles, Dress and Related Objects
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X-radiography of textile objects reveals hidden features as well as unexpected components and materials. This non-destructive technique throws light on construction, manufacturing techniques, use, wear, repair,...

Fundamentals Of Nuclear Physics

Thumbnail Fundamentals of Nuclear Physics
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This book introduces the current understanding of the fundamentals of nuclear physics by referring to key experimental data and by providing a theoretical understanding of principal...