Thumbnail Houseworks
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Americas leading housekeeping expert shows you how to de-clutter, organize, and clean your home, with easy-to-remember tips for every job, from keeping your bathroom clean and...

The Travel Book Mini

Thumbnail The Travel Book Mini
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836 images, 230 countries, one complete picture - without the weight of the world. Lonely Planets The Travel Book captures the essence of every country on...

Take Control Of Icloud

Thumbnail Take Control of iCloud
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Understand its many features and limitations, get set up, and use iCloud! iCloud is a simple idea -- all your data on all your devices, via the...

The Book Of Everything

Thumbnail The Book of Everything
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A Visual Guide to Travel and the World. Want to know how to wear a kilt, kiss a stranger, prevent a hangover, get out of a sinking...

Discovering Art - Graphic Arts

Thumbnail Discovering Art - Graphic Arts
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Graphic artists are responsible for creating the layouts of books and magazines, political posters, and the design and packaging of almost every product imaginable. This book...

Hardings Lessons On Drawing

Thumbnail Hardings Lessons on Drawing
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John Ruskins drawing master and sketching companion, James Duffield Harding (17981863) ranked among nineteenth-century Englands most respected watercolorists, art critics, and teachers. Hardings reputation as an...

Shortcuts To Success (2nd Edition)

Thumbnail Shortcuts to Success (2nd Edition)
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Anything from an office move to the Olympic Games can be termed a project, and 97 per cent of successful projects are led by an experienced...

Computer Hacking Essentials

Thumbnail Computer Hacking Essentials
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Ultimate Beginners Handbook to Computer Hacking Essentials 2015-P2P This book was written to commit helping you start your career in computer hacking through this comprehensive beginners handbook....