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Simply Delicious Sunday Dinners

Thumbnail Simply Delicious Sunday Dinners
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Feast on exceptional Sunday dinners week after week! Sunday is the perfect day to gather around the table with friends and family. Make your Sundays extra special...

Cooking Technology

Thumbnail Cooking Technology
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New scientific discoveries, technologies and techniques often find their way into the space and equipment of domestic and professional kitchens. Using approaches based on anthropology, archaeology...

The Make Ahead Vegan Cookbook

Thumbnail The Make Ahead Vegan Cookbook
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Vegan food with down-home appeal is the sort of vegan food Americans want to eat. Sit down to a dinner that looks and tastes great, but...

Encyclopedia Of Meal Prep

Thumbnail Encyclopedia of Meal Prep
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The Meal Prep Encyclopedia is replete with everything you need to know about meal prep. It is a one stop meal prep shop including healthy recipes,...

30 Days Grain-free

Thumbnail 30 Days Grain-Free
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A Day-by-Day Guide and Meal Plan for Beginning a Grain-Free Diet - Improve Your Digestion, Heal Your Gut, Increase Your Energy, Lose Weight, and More! Kick start...

Recipes Every College Student Should Know

Thumbnail Recipes Every College Student Should Know
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Cooking goes to college in this must-have pocket guide. Perfect for hungry dorm-dwellers, this guide will help students make and eat healthy snacks, meals, and other...

Functional Foods And Cardiovascular Desease

Thumbnail Functional Foods and Cardiovascular Desease
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Cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer in North America and around the world. The staggering medical costs involved in treating patients suffering from this disease...